You Light Up My Life (Little Buddy) 007 & 008 12/26/2008

(Click Image for a Larger View)

Little black dildo that is incredibly stinky (from whatever material was used to make it) so it is good for nothing more than being an artists' model from time to time. A boy has to have (some) standards!

I like the way the shiny little godemiche catches the cheery holiday lights and the photo editing program makes for even more fun!


alnhouston said…
I am drawn to this post. The colors seem a little manic or maybe that is the mood I'm in?

So the odor is preventing the use of the dildo for its intended purpose? too bad.
Timothy said…
Thanks! I feel like he is at a disco or sex club - just having a good time without a care in the world - soaking up the lights and energy. In as much as an inanimate dildo can experience those things. ;)

Yes, the odor is awful and a bit of an irritant but I am fond of the slick and shiny little guy.

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