Collage Poem I 1/19/09

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Is This Something?

Giving aid and comfort to the enemy says sexy more strongly.
In almost no time at all, we were,
Oh yes, Feeling hopeful.

Ridiculously performed.
It is ultimately dull.
Bad material, flounders here. Eradicating any hope.

Inside these walls exists a whole other planet
with a different attitude and vocabulary.

The degree of physical intimacy- for example, of boys stripped to...

Is this something?
It's what happens your entire life.

Feel great the next day, and don't have to worry.

nothing to say.

Absorb a portion of the impact.

Uranium on an empty stomach, preferably.
Tested with a vengeance.

Would you like?


Sources were and issue of OUT, and some junk mail postcards.

See how to make a collage poem here.


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