Sexuality 1/7/09

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Three images I worked on this evening.

The top image is based on my reflections of the Bay Area Figure Painters. It is acrylic and ink on cardboard (with some collage as well).

The middle image is a a completed version of an earlier ink drawing I did the other day.

The bottom image is perhaps one of my more risqué images.
It was fun to do and it is fun to do! ;-)

With the increasingly combative and hateful tone in public discourse surrounding homosexuality I feel compelled to celebrate the joys of sexuality, my sexuality, more and more often. Heterosexual passions have long been represented in Western Art and there is also a rich, yet less visible, history of homosexual love and sexuality represented in art and I see no reason to shy away from expressions of human relationships that many would rather forget exist or actively work to suppress.

Art is many things to many people. To me it is a way I can tell a story or express a feeling that I might not be able to convey through other means of communication.

Stay tuned for more stories.


alnhouston said…
#2 is sexy as hell, i guess its the fantasy/urge for anonymous sex that draws my eye to it. Erasure is a nice touch.
Timothy said…
Thanks alnhouston! I am fond of image #2 as well. Adding Erasure was a new thing for me on this blog, but it seemed fitting. :)

As always, thank you for visiting. xo
Michael said…
I love having a story behind the picture i got today!
Michael said…
also , the more i look at it, the more i am intrigued by that face

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