Accidental Validation 2/28/09

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The other day I stopped into the John M. Flaxman Library at the SAIC to look for a book. The book was not available but a non circulating copy was. I didn't have time to stay and read on that day so I stuffed the slip of paper with the call number in my pocket. Today while looking through some of the papers I've collected over the past few days I noticed the text on the reverse of the call numbers and this is the random thought that appeared. I like this message a lot and am glad it fell into my hands.

My art does, on occasion, touch on topics some may find 'uncomfortable' or 'unpleasant' (while others may find those same images very pleasant and comforting) but I do not think those traits make my images less valid. Freedom of expression is a difficult right to appreciate as we encounter expressions we don't like.


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