Happy Anniversary Timothy's Sketch Pad!

One year ago (actually Feb. 10, 2008) I started this blog. So far I've posted 253 posts, some with several images so I think I've done a good job even though I did not reach my goal of a post every day.

From February 10, 2008
"This Blog is meant to be a place for me to document my studio practice and to force myself to keep working at a regular pace.

I have to admit that I have become a bit lazy with my art making. There are many reasons for my being a bit of an artistic (and other types of) lazy ass but why get into that now? The idea is to concentrate on now and keep moving forward. That is the plan anyway.

I would like to add at least one sketch, drawing, painting, doodle, print, or written piece each and every day."

I do feel my art has grown thanks to a regular studio practice and I am finally feeling a lot more confident in my abilities and willingness to show the world my work. My next goal is to develop a cohesive series of paintings and try to find a "real world" gallery to show my work. I hope at this time one year from now I will be discussing that with you!

Happy Anniversary Timothy's Sketch Pad!


Ray Avito said…
Happy Anniversary to you! I've been enjoying my visits very much.
Timothy said…
Thank you Ray! XO
Tony said…
Wow, you've produced a lot of great work in one year! Has it really been only a year? Seems like this sketchpad has been going for quite a while. Keep it up!
buff said…
Mega hairy muscle hugs of congratulations on your blog's first anniversary.

WOOOOF. And thanks for sharing your great artwork with your fans.
Timothy said…
Thanks everyone!

Buff, welcome to my little blog. I am thrilled you are enjoying my work. :)
buff said…
My pleasure. Wishing you continued success.

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