Deep I - V 4/17/09

Deep I (Pencil in Sketchbook)

Deep II (Watercolor and Ink on Paper)

Deep III (Watercolor and Ink on Paper)

Deep IV (Washed Colored Markers and Pen in Sketchbook)

Deep V , With Friend (Washed Colored Markers in Sketchbook)

(Click Image for Larger View)

I've been working on this particular pose (taken from a photograph) for a few days. The tight, square, pieces are interesting to me as it forced me to figure out how to best present all the information in an unrealistic, compressed space. The wider space allowed a bit more freedom but, to me, takes away a bit of the tension in the image. Each view has its merits and I am not sure which I like best.

Note on the scans:
The watercolors are actually a bit bigger but the scan bed only allows what is shown. At a later date I may photograph the images to allow a full view.


larry said…
i like these...
buff said…
Timothy: A stunning study. You are indeed preserving the gay male body in such edgy and visually breathtaking images.

Mega hairy muscle hugs of congratulations. Bravo!!! Bellisimo
Timothy said…
Thank you Larry & Buff!


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