Peace Prick 3/31/09

So, I've taken the plunge and decided to see if I can market some of my designs through Zazzle. I'm starting with "Peace Prick". a new version of "Penis of Peace" from 2008. We'll see how the experiment works. With key chains, magnets, posters, and tees - it has to generate a little biz! Wish me luck!

(Click Image for Larger View)

Ink Over Ink Jet Print. 3/31/09


Michael said…
-you might make a fortune. just think about those poor suckers who invented the "smiley face" but didn't copywright it.

goof luck!!!
Timothy said…
From your keyboard to buddha's ears! :)

I would love to be a Peace Prick Billionaire!
Michael said…
I hope your cock brings joy to millions! if it hasn't already :)
Timothy said…
I too hope my cock will spread peace, love, and happiness to millions all across the globe!
larry said…
i nice idea,timothy.

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