Watercolor and Ink Self Portrait 4/4/09

Watercolor Self
Watercolor and Ink on Paper

(Click Image for Larger View)

Note: For some reason my scanner has decided to crop my images all by itself. There is more of the background of gray that the machine has decided was not necessary(!). Well, I'll try to see what I must do to fix that but still, you get the idea.

I am pretty pleased with this image regardless of the unintended collaboration with Mr. Lexmark (the scanner).


Michael said…
it's very intense- your mouth and eyes particularly--great choice for the color.

not a very original comment, but hey, i just woke up :)
Timothy said…
Michael, I appreciate your comments very very much! :D
Timothy said…
& Good Morning. ;)
murali said…
I love the wash style, and the high relief for the eye...great work!

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