Hungry Ghosts Feasting on Feces 9/16/09

Hungry Ghosts Feasting on Feces 2009
Charcoal Pencil and Watercolor

The Hungry Ghosts, in 12th century Japanese Scroll Paintings, never able to quench their hunger, were often depicted eating shit, trash, corpses, and other distasteful treats.

After yesterday's post showing more portrait like studies of the Hungry Ghosts I knew I needed to place them in an environment. Here the greedy ghosts are eating, or trying to eat, shit - illustrating the truly disgusting nature of greed and unchecked desire.


A hungry ghost said…
I don't think it's "greed" or "unchecked desire".

The "hungry ghost" is looking for spiritual fulfillment, love for past hurt, and a sense of wholeness. The "shit" they are eating are the products of this commodity culture we live in: drugs, alcohol and material goods, among other things that bring instant gratification.
Timothy Wright said…
I believe "unchecked desire" or attachment, can mean all the things you mentioned. Even a desire of achieving enlightenment can be an attachment.

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