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Monoprint with Embellishments 2010

Ink & Acrylic

Didn't work out as I had hoped. I may revisit this one later or learn and move on.


Goby said…
I'm wondering what you are displeased with... I love this one. Love it!
Timothy said…
I think mostly I am unhappy that I had to use the acrylic to correct where the print was messy. But I am glad that you like it! Thank you!
Goby said…
It's so easy to see the flaws in our own work. Whatever it was that you corrected looks purposefully and artfully done to me.
antsketch said…
I also think it works well - although I understand what you mean: sometimes they just don't do what you wanted and it doesn't matter what others think, you have your own standards and ideas. That's the way.

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