July 2010 Goals

I've decided to take a small break from posting and playing on Facebook and other 'social media'. Instead of whiling away the hours playing Family Feud and ranting about how stupid republicans and teabaggers (the faux-outrage AstroTurf political movement) are I will spend my time getting back to basics.

I hope to use the next month or so to get back to drawing and painting, reading, gardening, exercising, studying Buddhism and meditation, and spending time with my dearest and truest friends: my cats. Angelo recently suffered a stroke or seizure and it jolted me back to the real world. After losing Mickey last year I cannot allow myself to lose focus on the beings who have meant so much to me for almost two decades. Cat are wonderful because all you have to do is love them and they will love you back. So simple!

For my artistic development I hope to post AT LEAST one drawing/sketch a day as well as beginning to work on more developed pieces that can build towards a strong body of work. I am also signed up for a figure painting class beginning on July 10th. Once I feel confident in my art I will restock my web site and then begin working towards showing my art in the 'real world'.

I am really looking forward to this time of self-rediscovery, healing, and creativity.



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