Haberdashery's Valance One Year Birthday!

Haberdashery's Valance One Year Birthday!

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(Cover Art for Valance album and singles by ME!)

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New Romantic Synthpop
Haberdashery confidently marches into new electronic territory with "Valence". The fourth full-length offering features ten brand new tracks ranging from soaring uptempo tunes to evocative and thoughtful synthpop serenades. Stephen's vocal harmonies and electronic synth beeps blend seamlessly with piano and strings in a delightful expression of his signature sound. "Two Become One" and "I Try To Tell You" will keep toes tapping with their irresistible melodies and bouncing basslines while tracks like "Eternity" and "Paradise" are a harmonic treat for the listener. Haberdashery's latest album sparkles with brilliance and electropop sensibilities.

Release date: Aug 18, 2009


Stephen Pearlman said…
Thank you for your beautiful artwork! It's hanging on my wall, and every day it reminds me of what an awesome collaboration this was :)

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