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Daily Art Post

Small collage (6" x 4")
Created 6/15/15

In order to force my creative juices, I am going to attempt to post some sort of sketch, collage, or piece that inspires me,  on this blog each and every day. This blog has been dormant for way too long and I need to get my art muscles back into shape! 


pfd said…
Great Stuff Mr Wight !
Looking forward with anticipation :D

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Gouache and Charcoal

I decided to paint last night and I am okay with the results, These were quick studies on a low-quality watercolor paper. It was enough to encourage me to keep painting on the front burner, along with collage and soon, monotypes!

New Year, New Plans!

I have not been sharing work as much over the past few months. I've been busy with a big move and from Los Angeles to the Coachella Valley and other projects and life and work. I have been working on art over the past few months though. These three are examples of some images I created in LA but neglected to share.

These three represent the direction my work is going so I thought they would be a good start for 2019.

In 2019 I will try to post on a daily, or every other day, or weekly, or maybe I should say, more regularly. Most work will be sketches (as the Blog title implies) or, as they happen, more realized work.

Eventually, in 2019, to begin moving towards doing what I really want to do by starting to sell my art and figure out the way to make a living from what I want to do rather than what others want me to do.

Wish me luck! 🍀
P.S., if anyone has tips or advice on how to sell their work or prints of their work online, please feel free to share. I'd appreciate it very muc…